Lash Tutorials

We want to make sure our customers and future Lash Mavens are comfortable using our products even before they arrive to their home so we created two lash tutorials to assist with application, removal and cleaning of our lash products.


Lash Application

5:02 Magnetic Liner FAQs
6:06 Magnetic Liquid Liner special tips
7:29 Magnetic Gel Liner application
7:53 What we've learned about gel liner
12:30 How to apply to lash line
13:50 She’s on there!
14:56 Magnetic Liquid Liner in Clear application
21:36 How to adjust lash on clear liner
23:05 Magnetic Liquid Liner in Black application
24:13 What we've learned about liquid liner
31:05 Back it up and apply with me!


Lash Removal & Cleaning



0:36 SanitEYEs gentle sanitizer
1:27 Pristine oil-based eye makeup remover
1:57 Cleaning Wands and Lash Genie
2:36 Removing lashes from lids important reminders
3:06 Lash easy removal
4:14 Lash cleaning important reminder
4:57 Lash cleaning products and process (SanitEYEs and Lash Genie)
12:01 Lash air drying tip
12:36 Magnetic liner removal products and process (Pristine and Cleaning Wands)
13:15 Magnetic liner #1 Removal Tip
18:20 Eye safety and eye health reminders
18:49 Tool cleaning how-to and tips