Are Magnetic Lashes Safe to Use?

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe to Use?

It's every girl's dream to have long, fluttery lashes but nobody has all the time to bother with false lashes, eye extensions or wait for that hair growth serum to start kicking in. A decade ago, you were only left with these options but finally, low and behold, the birth of magnetic lashes came! It opened doors to give that instant daily glam makeover we all have been wishing for. But aside from its easy lash application, what makes this so special compared to traditional fake lashes?

The truth behind eyelash extensions and fake lashes?

False lashes have been the greatest hype of the beauty industry because it instantly gives you that sultry and dramatic look that you can never achieve without clumping coats of mascara on your natural lashes (which is not sexy at all). But look out! All that glam promise comes with major disadvantages.

First, they are costly. Glue-on false lashes have a wide variety of choices of length and volume which ranges from the cheapest up to more than $100 for a single pair, depending on the hair quality. And whether you buy the cheapest option, most of them are only good for 1-5 wears which means you need to keep buying pairs and eventually adds up to be significantly more over time.

Secondly, no matter how much diversity it offers on a style point, in the end, you need a single, most essential factor to make it work...a good GLUE. But did you know that whatever brand it is, these lash glues, even those formulated for sensitive or allergic eyes, contain Cyanoacrylate

What Is Cyanoacrylate?

Cyanoacrylate is a strong fast-acting adhesive with industrial, medical, and household uses and commonly known as “Crazy Glue” or “Super Glue”. Yes, that glue you're always careful not to come in contact to your fingers because it can cause irritation, you are using it on your eyes!

Have you ever had a bad reaction to your eyelash extensions? This is the main culprit.

Lash Extensions as an alternative to Fake Lash Strips

So you thought, "No problem, you'll go to a lash salon an invest on a semi-permanent lash extension. It might me expensive, but it is done by a professional. No daily gluing and you get to wake up with pretty lashes every time, right?"... Well, think again.

The majority of the top individual lash extension brands use Ethyl-2 Cyanoacrolate in their adhesive. Ethyl-2 (ECA) is made by the condensation of formaldehyde with Ethyl Cyanoacetate. Yes! You read that right... Formaldehyde. As in what is used to embalm dead people!

Many of these brands will mention 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate (Dermabond), which is used as a medical adhesive to close skin wounds. How does this type of Cyanoacrolate differ from the type used to apply eyelash extensions? The glues used in medial applications for tissue adhesion (such as 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate) have longer alkyl chains than Ethyl Cyanoacrolate used for non-medical indications. This difference is also what can lead to a heat reaction with ethyl Cyanoacrolate which can cause burns. 

Allergic reactions to lash glue

Sometimes allergic symptoms may happen the first time you get eyelash extensions, but in most cases, allergy develops over time. Like the picture above, an allergic reaction usually causes redness, itching, and bumps along the lash line shortly after receiving a set of eyelash extensions. Not to mention the drastic or complete loss of eyelashes (which is the least likely you were aiming for).

What makes Magnetic Lashes different?

Unlike regular falsies, magnetic lashes rely on magnetic attraction to secure lash strips on your lashes. In short, no glue required and less likely to trigger any allergies. All you do is pop them on whenever you want a little lash boost and gently pull them off when you're done—simple as that!

What are the ingredients of the magnetic liner and is it toxic to your eyes?

Magnetic lashes and liner are paraben-free and latex-free.The magnetic eyeliner used with magnetic lash systems are comprised of tiny, microscopic iron oxides particles mixed with pigment. Iron oxides can be found in a variety of makeup and skincare products, such as eye shadows and traditional eyeliners, and are regulated by the FDA. Trace amounts of iron oxide are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used as a color enhancer and are fine for use in the eye area. The iron oxide in the OpulenceMD Beauty magnetic liner is synthetic, so it doesn’t have ferrous or ferric oxides. 

Will magnetic lashes cause my lashes to thin or fall out?

This is one of the most common issues with lash extensions. Eventually, over time, the weight of individual lash extensions on your natural lash or repeated use of glue will stress your lashes and cause them to thin or fall out. This can cause unsightly gaps or bald spots in your natural lashes. Worse is that this damage can sometimes be permanent and the lashes are unable to grow back.
With magnetic lashes, the magnetic liner goes onto the eyelid skin, not on your natural lashes or its roots. Also, since they are held in place by the magnetic attraction to the liner, no force is needed to pull them out. Because of this, no excess weight or stress is on the natural eyelashes and, therefore, no lash loss. You can put them on daily and take them off freely literally whenever, wherever.
In a nutshell, here is the comparison of all your current market options.


  • Bleeds (raccoon eyes at end of the day)
  • Irritates sensitive eyes or CL wearers
  • Takes time to apply multiple coats
  • Recurring expense
  • Unsanitary because not changed at appropriate intervals
Individual Lashes:
  • Look natural
  • Low daily maintenance 
  • Expensive
  • Recurring time-consuming appointments
  • Must use glue/chemicals in the delicate eye area
  • Cannot clean your eyelids
  • Stunts growth of natural lashes
Glue on Strips/Tufts:
  • Difficult to apply/time-consuming 
  • Must be reapplied daily or several times per week
  • They lift
  • Cannot clean your eyelids
  • Damage to natural lashes with repeated use
Magnetic Lashes
  • No glue required
  • Adheres on eyelid rather than the lashes
  • Removes easily, no lash pulling
  • Quick to apply
  • Easy to remove


Magnetic lashes are the the safest option in the market. It doesn't have any harmful ingredients and offers the convenience that is unmatched with other options in the market today. These lashes can be used for everyday wear or special occasions. Moreover, the ease with which they are applied makes them a good choice any time you want to add some glamour or confidence to your look.